Stop in or contact us to order a doggie cake for pick-up in the store. (We need three business days to bake and decorate a cake). We also have pet-ID tags and lots more items to see and purchase in the store, so come by Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Dogs – Doggie Cakes
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Pawsitively Perfect Spring Adventures with Furry Kids

Hey there, fellow dog enthusiasts! Welcome back to our woof-tastic blog where we wag, bark, and sniff out all the fun adventures for you and your furry companions. Today, as the scent of spring fills the air and the flowers bloom with vibrant colors, we're diving nose-first into the joys of April with your four-legged pals! Snout-acular Springtime Strolls: Ah, the sweet smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of birds chirping - isn't spring just the best? It's the paw-fect time to grab your leash, strap on your walking shoes, and hit the trails with your pooch. Whether you're wandering...

Meet Cosmo Kramer

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 12 years since Cosmo Kramer came into our lives. He was tiny but full of mouth.  Oh yes, he has always had a lot to say and never been afraid to tell you what is on his mind.  He was not your usual Mini Pinscher.  Never one to play with toys or go for a good run, Cosmo prefers to cuddle up on the coach under a cozy blanket, of course a good butt scratch is always appreciated.    Ever since he was young he has been a foodie.  Always willing to try...

What is Carob?

The two typical questions I get, from customers are, “That’s not chocolate is it?” and “What is carob?”  Carob is not chocolate and is OK  for both your dog and yourself.  It is free of the alkaloid and addictive effects of caffeine and theobromine present in cocoa. The tree (Ceratonia siliqua) is from the legume (pea) family. It grows anywhere citrus can be grown. Typically it is found in the Mediterranean. You may have also heard carob trees called St John’s bread or the locust bean. Carob comes from a tropical pod that a contains sweet, edible seeds. The fruit of...

National Dog Bite Prevention Week – May 20th – 26th

This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  It is very important to help educate not only dog owners but non dog owners on how to prevent a dog bite.   An average of 45 million people are bitten by dogs a year.  800,000 Americans receive medical attention for those bites.  There are a number of things we can do to help lower these numbers. 1. Properly training your dog goes a long way.  Making sure your pet can understand and complete basic commands, like sit, stay and come. 2. Socializing your pet is important to enable them to feel comfortable in different...